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  1. I have not received an election leaflet from Gerard nor from any of the other candidates. Neither have I been able to find a leaflet or other election address for any of the candidates online. So I have NO IDEA what any of them stands for. I am disgusted that none of the candidates cares enough about my vote to publish an election statement online. Should I vote along party lines, or register my disgust by spoiling my ballot paper?

  2. I haven’t a clue even as to the names of the other candidates, only that their parties are irrelevant to the village.

    Gerard Tucker’s leaflet is the only one I have seen.

  3. I followed the Northern Ireland count for the fun of it over the past two days – watching transfer patterns is intriguing.

    The one advantage of FPP elections is that they have kept the extreme right from being elected.

  4. Good evening Ian,
    We have local elections here in Laois on the 24th May. We have one candidate, James Kelly (Independent) who also fits ‘the all politics is local’ template. Hopefully he will get elected as Gerard Tucker did (622).

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