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  1. I remember when I visited the Peace Tower with my ex( from Belgium) and opened the alcoves to see the books of names. She commented that it was a wonder they were left there and not stolen or destroyed. I think it was then I knew we weren’t going to last. You see I would never have have thought like that.
    Here I feel the pep-talk may well have been unnecessary and perhaps slightly insulting to the kids. But I understand the why of it.
    My feeling is visiting such places at their age is a good thing for it will remain with them. Maybe the sites, maybe the stones, maybe the curtain wall there in Tyne Cot or the Gate, but I suspect it’s reading the names and the ages that sticks.
    Those that died were for the most part only a few years older.
    On the topic of the issue with the CoE and the ceremonial. Those cemeteries were designed to lean towards the Classical Greek with sprinkling of the Mogul and away from the Establishment. It’s only in the last 20 years that the use of the First War has gone into hyper drive. Before then we had people alive who could call bull on some of the pomp.

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