Transcendence in a rugby song — 5 Comments

  1. Isn’t it a song about the migrant workers that had to move from Greece and Turkey to work in Germany. And I suspect lots of those in the Basque Country had to do something like it.
    It’s a bit like The Fields of Athenry in that it connects to the splitting of loved ones.
    Do you not remember the debates in the 80s when Munster fans began singing The Fields. And it was the workingclass Limerick that forced it, which if you know anything about average Irish fan back then was the point of why it wasn’t liked. But when they eventually embraced it that vim they can put in it really puts fighting metal in the team.
    Perhaps they need Pogues type to really get the umph in it. 🙂

  2. I had never thought about the original lyrics, only the tune. The class dimension is one that always struck me: I always felt that the relationship between Bayonne and Biarritz, with whom they share the conurbation, was similar to that between Munster and Leinster. Bayonne having the mass support of ordinary people and Biarritz being much more cosmopolitan.

    Bayonne have remained one of the best supported teams, despite their lack of success, and have a wonderful ambiance in their ground.

  3. Since I commented I discovered the Southern Italians, Portuguese and Spaniards along with the Greeks and Turks went to Germany. And at first they were prevented from bringing their families.

  4. As a South African rugby fan this song gives me “ hoendervleis” (goose bumps). The scoreboard becomes irrelevant.

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