The days of Dr Ingram — 2 Comments

  1. The NHS is the last great target of monetarist economics.
    The Tories and I truly believe Labour under the current right wing leadership would see it largely privatised. Much like Uni education is at the moment.
    But for what its worth I see the Left getting more ‘real’, more connecting to people than notions of the various left wing utopias. They are armed with information and educated in economics. And are opening up media by setting up places like Novara.
    On the system back then. My take is the people arrived to the GP. Back then people didn’t see signs early enough when something could be done. Only arriving to the GP when things were beyond help.
    Interesting health stats are exposed on this island between 1945 and 1980. Where general life expectancy lifted in the north by nearly eight years from much the same age in ’45.

  2. I would concur.

    Memories of paying to see a doctor were fresh – making an appointment was not a decision taken lightly.

    The life expectancy statistic is fascinating.

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