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  1. Reading some of the military pension files is an eyeopener.
    The sheer level of poverty they expose during the 20-30s is almost impossible to comprehend.
    The poor left Ireland in a series of waves. First soon after 1922 to America. The second around 1927 again to America, but also to the UK. Third 1930 to the UK and onwards to Oz NZ and South Africa. The fourth, after FF got in after 1932 came during the so called Economic War. It was then farmers fired their workers but dumped and burnt produce they would’ve normally sold to the UK. The war thing was something of a cover for it also broke quite a number of FG supporters who were geared three ways to Sunday but needed the certain liquidity provided by selling to the UK market.
    But JJ Lee blames James J. McElligott for most of the problems, with validity I think.
    It was his management of the politicians in a profoundly conservative way that lead to austerity being the only policy move in their quiver. Even when Keynes gave them pointers they kept to the Smith thinking on economics.

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