Was he found in the hallway? — 2 Comments

  1. If he was born in the infirmary unless the mother died in childbirth you’d expect a record.
    But then I was thinking while the people recorded are the important thing to us it wasn’t for the employees of the workhouses. They simply needed a name, any name, to regularise their accounts. Workhouse running costs had been a thing from the 1890 and there were at least one Royal Commission looking into them. One conclusion was that a bowl of soup cost more than at the Savoy, or Shelbourne. I’ve forgotten the reference details.
    My thinking is he might be ‘boarded out’ quite soon after his birth. And there would be a payment in the WH accounts to reflect this.

  2. We have his birth certificate. Ellen, his mother, put that she was from Chiswick, which would have been within the catchment area, but there is no evidence she ever lived in that area of London.

    I think your suggestion of him being “boarded out” is correct, but the mystery is where.

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