The delightful ordinariness of cricket — 2 Comments

  1. I read some place Tipperary had more cricket teams playing in the middle of the 19th century than Yorkshire. Leagues, being big house -v- big house and sections of the towns too.
    I was shocked to find an active cricket culture at NUI,G when I arrived. That and the carved stone royal crest from the top of the courthouse. But nary a copy of the Fogra in sight.

  2. I remember an RTE programme on the history of the GAA which said that the strongest hurling areas were those where cricket had been common. Initially, I imagined this to be something to do with hand-eye co-ordination, but then realized it had probably more to do with a nationalist reaction against the “big house” culture. Hurling is a much more distinctly Gaelic sport than football.

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