The problem for the DUP is that they don’t believe in evolution — 2 Comments

  1. Roy Foster contends there was two opportunities when Ireland could’ve remained unitary and within the Commonwealth. One was in 1800, the second when the first home rule bill went before parliament. I tend to agree with his assessment. Now the only way I see forward is with some form of federal arrangement. Again something Foster feels will occur. It’s now merely a matter of timescale.
    Northern Ireland leaving the Union is in no way something that bothers the majority of people on the big island, leastwise, not with anything like the bother that Scotland leaving would enliven.

    Somerset CoCO went Liberal I saw.

  2. The DUP need to learn to be smarter, otherwise they will lose everything.

    Somerset did indeed go orange – overwhelmingly so. It was thus in the Ashdown/Kennedy era, but there was never a victory so emphatic as that on Thursday

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