It’s good not to give up schadenfreude — 2 Comments

  1. It is one thing being a Christian, holding the life and teachings of Jesus central to ones life. To hold the establishments of the churches in esteem having read any of the Reports would require a measure of irresponsibility bordering on the insane.
    Quite Quitting was a term I discovered during Covid, defined by US companies, where people contracted to work 9 to 5 and working to those terms, not extended their hours for free. But its a term that really fits to what’s going on here.
    We have the hard core Opus Dei types in all the denominations, embraced by the various Conferences, but are in truth obliterating residual sympathy.

    On Ash Wednesday I had a bit of fish, but with zero connection to a Church. Had I forgotten I would’ve been annoyed with myself for forgetting, I would not feel I was somehow in Error.

  2. I think my disillusionment with church leaders is such that there is a certain sense of satisfaction at their fall from on high.

    I still attempt to follow the teachings of Jesus, without the accretions added by those concerned with their institutional power.

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