A song for all seasons — 4 Comments

  1. I can’t recall the song but I do remember those ‘jumbo collars’ My collars were not so pointed but had a big radius on the end !!!!!!!

  2. G’day and welcome back. That was a quick trip! Oh dear. I like most things I know about you Ian, with exception to your dubious taste in music! I hope the memories are what makes the song significant, not the pointy collars! (Haha. No wonder you resorted to the dog collar . . .looks like a more comfy alternative!)

  3. Sorry Ian – Udo doesn’t do it for me! He’s kinda lacking the passion of a Basque rugby supporter 😉

    Anyway, it must have been eerily magical to hear your favourite bit of music belting out across the Alps. A nice memory to soften your landing back in south Dublin.

  4. Dubious taste?

    My taste is not dubious, it’s plain bad.

    I discovered on one website that the tune/song is an example of “schlager” music. The Wikipedia entry on Schlager includes:

    “Stylistically, schlager continues to influence the German “party pop” genre to this day, i.e. the music most often heard in après-ski bars and Majorcan mass discos. Partly due to this and due to the older, more downscale audiences of schlager-based television shows and radio networks, the schlager genre is increasingly, though subtly, associated with the lower strata of the population”.

    Yep, that’s me 😉

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