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  1. Haha . . excellent and eccentric protestant! Kind of fits the bill! So if your theory is correct, by driving a 14 year old Honda Accord, I should have cash in the bank to go skiing? Boy am I doing something wrong!

  2. It only works if your employer reckons you need to get a new car about every four years, pays you expenses accordingly, and you buy one that’s a quarter of the cost of the available church car loan.

    A lay woman at a meeting, whose father ministered in times when clergy were paid pathetic amounts, expressed surprise that clergy could go away in the winter. I pointed out that she had a Saab sitting outside!

  3. I would never have thought of that as a refugee’s car, just a reliable, if slightly dull, one. There are much cheaper cars around than that (including my own 01 renault laguna).

    Interestingly, my father is a C of I clergyman and drives an Almera!

  4. I find immigrants tend to drive white cars…

    1. because white cars are the norm in hot climes and
    2. because few Irish people want to buy white ‘cos of the wet roads.

    I like your car philosophy, Ian 😉

  5. Hi Andrew,

    My car was 20% below list price when I bought it – it was a private deal, so there was no warranty. It wasn’t particularly cheap, not compared to an 84 Fiesta, but would probably be at the economy end of the scale in these parts (Hi Maria!). Now, an 01 Laguna, my bank manager drove a Laguna until last year!


    Has white not gone out as a colour for new cars? It probably means the white cars on the road are fairly old.

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