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  1. Ian don’t your ‘pensioners’ receive discounted rates and fuel? Once you reach 65 here there are significant savings on these things, also on public transport and if you have a Seniors Card (not means tested) many companies and services give substantial discounts. It doesn’t compensate for the rise in energy prices (yep, we’re up for a 20% rise thanks to the new carbon trading process). I am thankful thought that heat is not much of an issue here for other than 2 months of the year. I only hope that after all this bank bailing out, there’s some really tight regulation installed and a cap placed on the fat cat salaries. Bank CEO’s are paid almost 10 x our Prime Minister’s salary and he has a country to maintain!

  2. Baino privatised utilities, as in the UK mean shareholders, shareholders expect maximum payouts, OAPs come low in the pecking order, but I can travel free on the local buses.

  3. Ian I do remember the postmistress and her Mother, or was it The postmistress and her Daughter? from behind the brass wire security screen!!!!!.
    Baino Australia seems like a good option, any room for me when I get to 65?

  4. Well Les, you’d better get cracking. Hard to emigrate without a sponsor once you’re over 45! We’re anticipating the Baby Boomer drain and only want the younglings! Cheers 🙂 I do acknowledge that the age pension isn’t a fortune and it’s a struggle to live on $562.10 a fortnight for a single and $469.50 a fortnight each!

  5. Baino… Oh well thats me out then, I have just had my 48th Birthday!!!!!And I know a certain Church of Ireland priest who will be celebrating very soon too!!! Happy Birthday Ian for your very soon Birthday(I am rubbish at remembering dates!!!!!)

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