Sermon for Sunday, 20th September 2009 (15th after Trinity/Pentecost 16/Proper 20) — 4 Comments

  1. Women are treated very harshly by history, particularly where mental health is concerned.Hughes’ second wife also killed herself, does this tell us more about him than either woman?

  2. Good interesting sermon. I have found such beasts to be sadly rare.
    I had the great good fortune not so long ago to attend where the vicar managed to both be intellectually stimulating, and connect with children. A wonderful combination. Sadly, partly because of this I suspect, others deemed him too eccentric, or way out, and he had to go.
    Can’t say I agreed with him on everything, but it was a sad loss.
    Normal service resumed.

  3. I tell my congregation that I would be worried if they agreed with me on everything and that I’m only offering my own perspective; that usually damps down any sparks.

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