Rural rites — 5 Comments

  1. You have very odd view of Britain, there are a great many events in parishes that are comparable in that regard.

  2. “Sport is intensely local. The parish base of the Gaelic Athletic Association creates a huge sense of local ownership. It is hard in Dublin to imagine the pride that parishes here take in local football and hurling teams. There is nothing comparable in Britain; maybe nothing comparable anywhere else, either”.

    The membership of the GAA is more than 10% of the population of the island of Ireland, a comparable organisation in Britain would need 6 million members – that’s hardly an odd view.

  3. All those years ago as a child my Scottish Grandmother referred to “Spy Wednesday”. It was certainly something I heard each year – I have a feeling she had a name for Tuesday night as well. Have you heard it mentioned?

  4. Ian you are so right about the National Ploughing Championships- but for the farming community where there is little leeway in leaving everything for a block period to head off on holiday so the appeal of day trip that doubles as an information & fact finding mission is understandable especially at the end of the year/season/harvest. I got great admiration in work from a group of 6 year old boys when they heard I used to go to the ploughing match!!!!!

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