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  1. I prefer Dawlish, it brings back memories of seaside trips back in the 60’s on those luxury coaches with itchy seats, I was fascinated by the trains running along the top of the beach (Dawlish sea wall) .

  2. Ah, the old school journeys. I shall be doing it again in July, off to visit an old school friend who now lives in Brixham, but this time a solitary journey by first class with a good book and memories of the childhood views.The last time I was in Teignmouth was a couple of years ago for a grammar school reunion. I walked from Teignmouth to Dawlish along the seafront and railway line. It was as beautiful as I remembered it and the sun shone obligingly.

  3. I cannot imagine how my life would have worked out if I had never been sent to Teignmouth. I lived on a farm in Buckinghamshire and was totally allergic to it! So I was sent to Teignmouth for the sea air. My mother and father were filled with guilt, but they need not have worried I loved it! I was never ill there, only when I went home in the holidays. Days when Aunty Nora would say, “today it is too hot to do any school work, we’re all going to the beach for the day!” She said that on quite a few occasions, no wonder I left with only being able to cook and sew well! The Pier, the small swimming pool on the front, the purple penny, the cinema, Woolworths, soda ice creams, waiting for the tilly bus outside the theatre where Aunty Bet (I think)had a birthday party and we all got a huge bar of chocolate – this is why I loved, and love, Teignmouth!

  4. I think the HBS philosophy was that you managed girls by treating them nicely and that you managed boys by being nasty to them!

  5. Lisa, It’s good to hear that someone else enjoyed therir time at HBS Teignmouth. I wouldn’t swap it for the world. The going to the beach thing rubbed off on me too – I did occasionally miss lessons at the grammar school because the weather was far too irreistible – don’t know how I got away with it!

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