Having one’s chips — 4 Comments

  1. Chips at least are just good old honest potatoes Ian, and if they are not too good for the heart at least are not full of food craving chemicals and corn syrup and rubbish that the rest of the fast food outlets muck are full of which is turning our nation into a bunch of obese blobs, and storing up a timebomb for our NHS over here……On a brighter note, I remember the stop off in Yeovil for chips on the way back from Weymouth, the Sunday School outing …….Long live the chip !!

  2. Do you remember the time the vicar got cross because Maisey decided to seek refreshment somewhere other than the chip shop?

  3. Oh yes Ian I do, I had never seen The Rev Payne actually frothing at the mouth, in fact I think it was the first time I’d seen anyone froth at the mouth, he was spitting all over the coach, quite funny and also frightening for a 10 year old……Do you know he was never quite the same again after that incident, he was incandescent with rage, he suffered a stroke not so long after…..Its my abiding memory of that trip to Weymouth !! I just have a memory that it was Roy Wilkins and Lawrence Fisher she went off to the pub with !!!

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