Why we won’t defend Ukraine — 5 Comments

  1. There’s no profit in going any further in Syria, – Zimbabwe not worth bothering about, and how many more? Perhaps, if we had not had an agreement with Belgium, WW1 may have been different, I give up.

  2. On the other hand, when the western powers do decide their interests are at stake and intervene – in Iraq and Afghanistan, for example – they often seem to make matters much, much worse. It is rarely quite that obvious what the right thing to do is. And do we want to start World War III? Because that is what could happen. I suppose it would have the useful side effect of reducing economic activity and slightly delaying another thing nobody has the political will to do anything genuinely useful about – reaching tipping point with CO2 levels.

  3. Such interventions did assist certain interests, though – Afghanistan benefited particular politicians and Iraq benefited particular companies.

  4. Pity the Ukrainians – the Russian oligarchy taking the Crimea and the IMF ruling the rest on behalf of Western economic interests.

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