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  1. I so love this quote. It is very Churchillian, even though Churchill did not compose it, but he said it at a very appropriate time. He spoke out to the Homefront British to take up arms as best they could – shovels, picks; anything, and be ready to face the invader. Thank god it never happened.

  2. It was always a quote close to my heart, my grandfather was a London fireman and saw terrible things and endured terrible danger, but in the acts of remembrance it is the military who are always remembered

  3. Oh, you are right. Civilians get very little recognition, if any. They were so brave, those people like your Grandfather.

  4. We are in a whole new application of this saying. Covid19 in 2020 is keeping the world at home. At times I feel helpless and wish I could do more to assist so many who are struggling, but then I remember that staying at home, which I have been doing for 7 weeks, is a very helpful thing to do. Right now it is the only tool we have to stop the spread until there is more testing, more information, eventually a vaccine.

  5. It is the sitting at home feeling useless during this Covid-19 pandemic that made me look up this quote. It is so difficult to understand how helpful we are being by just accepting that we need to ‘stand and wait’

  6. The government argue that staying at home will reduce the infection rate to below 1, so that the virus slowly disappears. Unfortunately, it seems that the strategy to deal with Covid-19 is causing casualties elsewhere. Cancer Research UK say that 2,700 people each week are missing cancer diagnoses and there was a news item this morning suggesting the lockdown will cost 18,000 lives to cancer. Such premature loss of life to cancer is in addition to all the other illnesses not being treated and the social and economic costs. Standing and waiting may be deemed to have been an unwise policy in retrospect.

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  8. My husband served 29 years in the military, I was often left alone to bring our children. Although I never gave this a thought at the time, it was just as it was, but after hearing the song “Wind beneath my wings” I thought about what my life had been like in comparison to my husband’s, while I never envied him his career, status, awards, good APRs, respect & even admiration, I realised what a sacrifice I and all partners of those who serve in the military made & still make. I aM old now & all of that is past but I know of some young people who are in that situation now & would love to find a photo of the waiting mother & child which I saw in one of the countries we lived in. I thought it was at Verdun in France but can find no record of it online. I would like to pass this on to those young people who still” Only stand and wait. wait”. Something like that was written on the statue. If anyone can tell me whereto find it so that I can pass it on to those who still stand & wait.

  9. Thank you so very much. I am very sorry I have only just found this. We were stationed in France for four years so that must be where I saw the statue. I am not confident using the computer but I hope it won’t take me another four years to find this again. I don’t know how I found this,I had assumed that it would be an email reply. It is so kind of you to have replied. I was looking up other information and recognised the quote and was surprised to see my name close to it. You must have thought me very rude to have not replied. If I do not reply againit will be because I have lost this and am not able to find it again. I would try to find someone to help if that happens. I can reply to emails if you had time to send the information to my email. I have written everything down but it just takes one small mistake to mean it will not work.. Thank you most sincerely once again. All good wishes from Norma

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