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  1. I wonder who the 50 were? The article stated by … on behalf of 50 Christian evangelicals but didn’t give their names. I know that it referred to an email address for more information but I have no intention of emailing that group and ending up on a mailing list. I’m disappointed that the Irish Times did not print the 50 names or at least put them on its website which is the practice on other newspapers when a letter or article has a large number of signatures. This has left me wondering if there were indeed 50 signatories or if the individual whose name appears on with the article merely asked 50; I know one C of I priest who was emailed a request to sign and refused.

  2. Ian, I totally support the rights of all citizens to equality under the law in property transfer, inheritance and legalisation of loving Union. But, and this is a matter of definition, no matter how much one wants to name a cow as a donkey, she remains a cow. Likewise no matter how one wants to name the Union of two of the same sex a marriage, it cannot be, as, for a union to be a marriage it has to involve, by definition, a man and a woman!!!!!

  3. Definitions of marriage have always changed. Some would still maintain a marriage after a divorce is not a marriage because marriage is, by definition, for life.

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