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  1. I’ll have to think on this a bit.
    In areas around Cork and Dublin there seemed to to be something like that. But the county and country town beyond worked a different system. I think there the tailors mostly worked on tick. And those that could afford it went to Dublin Cork or even London.
    Of course the great contract for a tailor was the church, any of them, mostly though, the Catholic.

    You know on the edge of my mind are the novels of RF Delderfield Swan series given the transport connection, but really any of them. To point: It must’ve been an aspect of the business model of the city department shops like Whiteleys, Harrods and others to send traveling tentacles out. And since they were all using the path made by Marshall Field & Company. The railway network allowed the carving out of set territory. Really twas the beginning of the end for the county town.

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