Rector’s Letter – June 2016 — 3 Comments

  1. In the New Cemetery Kilkenny there are two CWGC headstones for two men who dies probably in the mental hospital or the workhouse. This cemetery was the overflow for the workhouse and was also used as the place of disposal of those misfortunates from the mental hospital.
    The two stones are marked for James Kavanagh -13th/1st/18-, and James Tobin-4th/1st/17, both from the Royal Irish Regt.
    On the CWGC website they have the placement of the cemetery wrong. They have it as St Kierans on the Hebron Rd, but it’s on O’Loughlin Rd with Assumption Place going round it. That little square fiend at the back of the GAA field once you’ve passed under the rail bridge.
    I contacted the CWGC about the error but didn’t get much by way of hop from them. So maybe if I pass it to you, you might take a swing at it.

  2. I’ll give it a try. I don’t understand why they would not correct a factual error

  3. I expect they did ring someone local. But they didn’t know what that field was at the back of the Nolan Pk, and so assumed I was wrong. Plus, there’s an old graveyard at one end and a new one at the other end of that road.
    It’s been a while since I saw the place but back then there was nothing to indicate what it was. You see I stopped to walk the dog and was shocked to find the stones. You’d expect to see one of those horrible CoCo concrete crosses.
    I did a good bit of research subsequently and what I think occurred was on the dispersal of the Workhouse property that bit wasn’t wanted. And so a search of the Records Office doesn’t show an owner. I assume the City/town does take some responsibility as the grass is cut.

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