Wallander’s half-finished heaven — 6 Comments

  1. Was watching the final episode of Wallander last night, and was made curious enough by Brannaghs’ graveside to do a google search
    For someone who says they don’t understand poetry, I think you’ve done a good job interpreting some.

  2. Thank you.

    My literary abilities are very limited. The last time I took an English Literature exam was for my A levels (the British examinations taken when you are eighteen). I got an “E” grade.

  3. In tears, after watching closing episode of Wallander, finding your writing about poem..Half Finsihed Heaven’ ~ know anguish of art, painting ~ as from ice-age studios being link to memory, fastening of iron dreams to wisps of dried, spent grasses leaning away from prevailing winds on a beach. Comforting revisit by father as guide, whose paintings were a constant map to the lake, through a forest, to a light, shining!

  4. Always enjoy Kenneth Branagh delivering either Shakespeare lines or in this case poetry.

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