Sermon for Sunday, 18th September 2016 (Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity/Ordinary 25) — 2 Comments

  1. An aged priest, I was moved by these words. Yes! Christians have so much to lament as a group and as individuals. I’m confined to an Anglican Aged Care Residence because I still suffer from exposure to nuclear fall out from the British Atomic Tests at Maralinga in 1950/60s. My three Army Chaplain colleagues from the Diocese of Adelaide all died untimely and hideous cancer deaths from that same kind of exposure. Yes,I weep for their lost lives and for my ‘lost’ friends, but also for my beloved Aboriginal people who died in large numbers from the same atomic exposure … which the English scientists and ‘authorities’ tried to deny and hush up!

    But, beyond my own physical limitations and daily pain, what makes me weep most is the secular and scientific fundamentalists’ denial that my Lord Jesus ever existed — in spite of sound historical and non-biblical evidence.

    The Founder of SSM, of which I have been a Companion since 1951, gave us this aphorism: ‘No man is
    entirely wrong until he is convinced that he is entirely right.’ Let us Anglicans weep for the world that Jesus loved to the uttermost point of death. Thank you, Fr Ian Poulton, for your words that helped me weep. Peter.

  2. Fr Peter,

    Thank you for your kind words. Jeremiah is someone to whom I always felt a particular attachment, though entirely lack his bravery.

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