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  1. They are getting cheaper because the TelCo’s and others like Facebook and Google are pitching satellites into geosync orbit like a golfer with issues, at a driving range. And Africa is the only region without historic baggage with widespread historic phone infrastructure queering the pitch like in Ireland and the UK. They are also able to deploy the bandwidth to broadband we used for terrestrial TV. Remember Saorview. And that foostering about in the attic trying to find Mt Leinster with the new antenna blind.

    You know you can get expat virtual web addresses. Not exactly kosher, to mix a few, but they worked when I missed something.

  2. Indeed, copper wire was a serious problem in many parts of Africa – it was constantly being stolen (as has also happened twice in the area covered by my parishes in the six years I have been there; half a mile of cable one night!)

    I have tried using the Tor browser to access the BBC, stipulating exit nodes that suggest I am in the UK, but while it fools Google, it does not work on the BBC iPlayer (I suspect it is really a tool for geeks)

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