Being true to itself, it dies — 4 Comments

  1. Historically speaking before and after the great schism you saw the development of a two headed church in how and why it saw itself. One the pastoral, the other the defence of christianity.
    Well before any formal declaration of Crusade you had French and German sub-chiefs/knights along with perhaps 20 followers ending up in Spain to fight the Moors. Loosely, you had a support network stretching back to their home base where the little people felt a glow for supporting the church.
    Most of this tithing and taxing going well outside the home area, of course, was little more than social memory of the Empire. Where you had grain shipped from Spain and the German region to Hadrians Wall and Lead and Copper going the otherway.

  2. All of which had little to do with Jesus of Nazareth and first principles, but maybe if those had been retained, the church as we know it would never have existed.

  3. For myself, the issue, and the real shift was when free people who supported became serfs who had their produce removed.

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