Spotting foreigners — 3 Comments

  1. You know there was absolutely no need to enter that space. In fact I would suggest that in the UK, well being honest England, the percentage of those poisonous nutters is far lesser than in Europe as a whole and that includes Ireland.
    They still can’t see what’s gone awry, nor how to fix it.
    In places like Lincolnshire, where there’s been a change in the working patterns and the arrival of a large population of very low paid. But without one penny piece of an increase to things like schools and hospitals. Nevermind one commensurate with the doubling of the population.
    In the past movements went into slums in the bigger cities and could readily be forgotten, or perhaps ignored is better. But if one of the landholders in Ham decided to go into the Aldi bagged leaf game and installed dormitories on the edge of one of her fields for a population from Birmingham, nevermind Belarus such a move could readily be seen. Of course, should the NHS upgrade the local hospital, the DfE the schools. The budget for roads increased.

  2. But the rhetoric of Jeremy Hunt isn’t heard from the government front bench in France or Germany

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