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  1. I can’t get the thing on the RTE Player so I don’t know. Nor from the article in the IT is it clear that Gillian Wharton and Ruth Elmes saw it either. It implies it but it doesn’t ‘state’ it.
    But here’s an observation for what it’s worth. I lived for some years in the UK, and religion is an aspect of BBC and ITV broadcasting that RTE simply doesn’t have, then or now. And for all the hoohaw about Ireland being the land of Saints and Scholars it sure as shootin couldn’t be divined from the broadcast media.
    On whether any mention of religion is a good thing, I’m not sure. But for certain the debates on the BBC on a Sunday are uplifting. And on this I’m uncertain but it seems that religious professionals have at long last discovered it’s not other religions that should be the target for ire but the nihilists that at core are destructive to everything.
    Always amusing that the Gloster Gladiator’s on Malta were Πίστις, Ἐλπίς and Ἀγάπη. Facing as they were a nihilistic darkness we must always be watchful, lest it return.
    A bit heavy for a Sat morn. Have a good weekend.

  2. The Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church, when a priest in Northern Ireland, used to talk of the “sectarianism of overlooking”, the attitude that allows people to talk about people as though they are not really there.

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