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  1. I was in the UK when Thatcher turned the full force of the media and the State upon the New Age Travelers, a more harmless bunch you’d travel far to find. She darn near exposed them to the hate and vitriol reserved for enemies at a time of war. But of course she was questing for targets at the time.
    The way these guys play out their lives is closer to a peaceful Buddhism than any authentically Celtic.
    The one thing I find interesting is the May Tree supposedly brought by an Joseph of Arimathea to the Tor at Glastonbury. I’m fairly certain it was introduced to control the great flocks. But my only difficulty is I’m uncertain if it was the Ordo Sancti Benedicti, or the great ranges of the Roman Empire that brought the thorn.

    Offering a thought for Madelaine McCann, it’s ten years since.

  2. I had forgotten the demonization of the New Age Travellers. I think their offence was to challenge the very basis upon which a capitalist, materialist society rested; they challenged the worship of Mammon that was at the heart of Thatcherism.

    You’re right, the Eastern mystical tradition is very evident in the Glastonbury tradition, its gentleness is the antithesis of the violence of the Celtic penitentials.

    Despite the centuries old Christian traditions, the churches in Glastonbury seemed to have no spirituality with the attractiveness of that on offer in the High Street.

    Poor Madelaine

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