If I only had words — 2 Comments

  1. There’s a saying in Ireland you may have come across. “there’s no hop in it”. It goes back to the days when a bunch of poor boys would save up and buy a ball. They would play it for days and perhaps weeks but at some point either the rubber would lose elasticity or the air pressure would lessen. Both scenarios would draw the comment ‘Agh, shur, there’s no hop in it’. But had two very different outcomes. The latter meant hunting down a bicycle pump and some older hand who had the needle to re-inflate. The former was a far more terminal result. If there was no hop in the rubber, it meant it was dead.

    A few years ago I was watching a chick flick and the character played by the great Eli Wallach delivered a good line. ‘Don’t be a bit player in your own life’.

  2. Sometimes, a bit player would seem adventurous. The vows of self-abnegation to which clergy are subject seem sometimes to reduce one to the place of a spectator in one’s own existence.

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