Relics and revolution — 3 Comments

  1. I think you may well have deleted a bit. There’s a bit of a bridge missing.

    OH kayzies. On visits to my Belgian ex I visited the graves of my relatives who died in WW1. I visited Gent and Brugge, the latter many time, and viewed the Mother and Child by Michaelangelo. Now I’ll freely admit most who enter the Church of Our Lady nowadays are doing so to see a Michaelangelo that happens to be there than any religious connection, at all.
    To my mind there are two sorts of faith. One that is based upon belief the other based on a examined though process. If people find comfort in viewing decapitated heads as with Plunkett in Louth or Valentine in Whitefriar Street I really don’t care. But I do find playing about with bits of people a tad macabre, be they relics, the tons of ash and bits of bone, the bog bodies or any other ‘treasures’ held by the National Museums. Indeed I think it’s long past time those of us with a Celtic linage insist on their ancestors being respected as with any Maori or Sioux.

  2. It does read a bit clunkily.

    I do not like the bog bodies at all, I’m surprised at there not being more objection

  3. Relics of John Paul II are already being venerated at the National Shrine in Washington DC and elsewhere

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