Three months leave for workers — 3 Comments

  1. The 70s saw the end the uni prof working for thew 180 days. It was the beginning of publish or die for those without tenure. The end to the uni as a latterday offshoot of St Benedict.
    To me the Labour of the 70s was a poisoned ugly place filled to the gills with purists who did more than any Tory to drive people to Thatcher, way more than any of the blue rinse brigade. Not made reasonable until Smith.
    Such a pity too, for the 60s saw huge movement.

  2. By the late-70s, Labour had lost its way completely, no big ideas, no inspiring leaders. All the post-war enthusiasm had gone; the trade unions represented sectional interests and the Trotskyites had gained a foothold.

  3. The fruits of Labour’s losing its way and “New Labour” being Tory-lite can be seen in Brexit. Of course, Labour in the UK is not the only Social Democratic type party to abandon what would have been considered their core beliefs as we saw in France, Germany, and Ireland to mention a few. The rise of the right is another of the results of this.

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