The power of a song — 2 Comments

  1. I have echoes of this as well and it sure isn’t from a song. Where I think it may have come is as a Ladybird or the like publication of poems. With older teachers one of the tools in the K years (infants baby and big that was) to get dexterity of language was to train kids to poems with a clear beat but with twists. The ‘Now I lay me down to sleep’ aspect I’d say is incidental.
    But in general small kids are ghoulish little sods as a rule. The Grimm’s output would long ago have vanished otherwise.
    Ask him if he’d heard of the stories about the Flannen Isles and the three vanishing lighthouse keepers. Now that can still send shivers.

  2. I talked to my dad, who was a great Glenn Miller fan when he was young, and he thought the record may have been the source of his memories of the poem.

    Children do have a delight in the macabre – and sometimes an incapacity to cope with it!

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