Michael D. — 2 Comments

  1. Always liked MDH. Back in the 80s he was the only politician with a sane view. While Veradkar is just another rightwing tit and it’s a blessed wonder FG didn’t buy him a nice estate with room for a pony out in Meath a la the Tories and the loan for Hughenden. How can he possibly represent the county landed gentry without some acreage.

  2. Michael D has been a wonderful President. He has kept true to the values he always had when he was a Labour TD and Senator and speaks out on current issues that challenge these values. He must be a bit sad when he looks at the Labour Party today. Although the only party to oppose the eighth amendment in 1983 and consistent in its opposition ever since, it has been sidelined in the reporting of the Referendum result. Sinn Féin, supporters of the amendment in 1983 and facing both ways on abortion in Northern Ireland, are getting some of the credit for the Yes vote.

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