A life lived outside — 2 Comments

  1. Oddly outside the home is an event for the southern French.
    My clients when I was building gardens were somewhat put out for they were never invited into French homes like I was. Yes, they dined in the local eatery but the French really only do that at the weekend. I found the French working day was longer than here in Ireland and the UK, and a good bit longer. Meaning their meals during the week were ‘easy’ affairs. Things like casseroles that could be set off in the morning and slow cook til evening.
    But the Northerners came to the Medi to vacation. Meaning they were a good bit wealthier and the French didn’t want to be measured. So while I was coming south too, I was coming a, to employ people, but b, I was working and they got that.
    Ohh, the greatest comment I got was from a 3 year old, who said too her parents that she spoke better that I. 😀

  2. I used to love the way older members of the community in the evenings would sit at their front door and talk to neighbours, or gather for petanque in village squares.

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