Rector’s letter, October 2016 — 2 Comments

  1. Yes, you are in a way correct to cast the CoI and the French Catholic Church as analogous. Both were prime, both were very much in control at lower levels, and both interlocked with the other spheres of control intimately. And I suppose where republicanism in France was the standard protest rallied, in Ireland it became the Catholic Church. Who then had about 100 years of a measure of power that simply wasn’t good for it.
    My knowledge of the French church is limited. But those I do know are conservative hard asses. Which I suppose is what it takes to survive in a polity designed to ignore it. Something I don’t believe the CoI had to deal with in Ireland, until lately, when all christian churches are being ignored or thought an irrelevancy.
    Oddly, while the chart plotting numbers of diocesan priests in France is flat but tilting down, the numbers in the monastic orders are good relatively. And it only takes a slight shift to treat the country parishes as quasi missionary. But of course this will have vast internal headaches.

  2. I think both were social phenomena out of pre-modern societies, as those societies have changed, they have become increasingly redundant. The options now are a recovery of first principles, an unlikely eventuality in most situations, or a fading into nothingness.

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